Salama Readers,

Here I am yet again in the land that changed my life. The smell of vanilla welcomed me back, and the Malagasy spirit reminded me why I’ve given every day of my life to a place so far away. But, it seems that Madagascar never left, but entered with me into every part of my life since. It is so nice to find it so familiar, as if I never really left…

So, for all of you interested in conservation, as I first stepped foot in the airport, I met the Russell Mittermeier (President of Conservation International), who coined Madagascar the single greatest conservation priority in the world, and said,

“If they [the Malagasy people] had the means to safeguard their island’s treasures, both natural and cultural, they surely would do so.”

And that’s pretty much the basis of my dedication to Madagascar. I am sure that they will do so, once given the educational access and tools to transform their own lives and protect their future.