Big news. I will be returning to Madagascar.
Thanks to UNICEF, I will be at Ranomafana National Park working with the Centre ValBio education team, developing the Saturday Classrooms and Junior Rangers programs, this June and July. We will begin to put lessons from these past five years of my professional development to the test. My aim is to help the teachers unleash their own creativity, so they can use their knowledge and expertise to guide Malagasy children, leading the way for Madagascar’s future. Of course, it’s also thanks to those without whom I wouldn’t be here, including the Rotary, Pat Wright, Alison Jolly, ICTE/MICET/CentreValBio, and many, many others. I am the lucky barer of many admirable mentors.
Good news from Ranomafana. I just spoke to researchers at Ranomafana National Park, and it looks like their call for help drew in some initial support for Cyclone Irina: Cyclone Irina. If you’d like to get involved, do consider donating: donate here! Another way you can help these communities is by helping me create an education resource library. I would love to rally Rotary around this project.
It would be great to get Malagasy teachers education resources, so they can practice education as an art, and an ongoing, reflective practice. Centre ValBio is a renowned international research station in the rainforest of Ranomafana that works in hundreds of impoverished communities. Research available at the facility is primarily biological. With over 65 employees working in surrounding communities, it has the potential to become a leading research center for social sciences, as well. The library will provide an incredible start- with research to guide practice and collaborative education development. And would undoubtably pose a lasting impact for these teachers, communities, fellow researchers, and socially-oriented study abroad students. Do contact me if you are interested.
Not really sure what we were trying to capture, but knowing our lives would never be the same. (Last few minutes at Centre ValBio, Fall 2007)
I am so grateful to everybody I’ve met along the way. Couldn’t have made it here alone, and none of the road forward will be mine alone either. So, thank you for all your support. It keeps me going. And fellow dreamers, mora mora (slowly slowly). Anything’s possible.
Love to all,