Dear Everyone,
As some of you know, Ranomafana is where I’ll be pursuing my thesis, and the root of my dedication to Madagascar. But it will be difficult to help children actively improve their lives through education, when their basic needs are so severely threatened. That’s where I could use your help. Cyclone Irina has recently hit hard in the region of Ranomafana. Many lost their lives, including a number of children, and many villagers have lost their agricultural plots (80% of them damaged) for the season, and thousands lost their homes (i.e. in Kelilalina, 33 out of 50 homes have been washed away). Centre ValBio research institution is the leading NGO in the region, and they are hoping to be able to supply these families with food and temporary homes. They also wish to honor the dead’s family, as ceremonies for the dead are a really significant piece of Malagasy society and culture.
Centre ValBio will work with the Madagascar National Parks and the Mayor’s office for relief. Dr. Patricia C. Wright, the mother of Ranomana National Park, relayed how much support would mean to their ability to help these affected people. As far as support, you are welcome to visit the Centre ValBio site at: and consider making a donation to “The Madagascar Emergency Relief Fund” (DONATE BUTTON). Any bit you can give will be greatly appreciated and would mean a lot to me personally.
Warm wishes,