On Saturday, Rotarian Jim took me to visit his ships. They are some of the only coal-run steam ships still remaining. The crew is committed to retaining (and restoring) its historical authenticity with very few technological adaptations.

When we arrived, the crew were all hard at work. They collaborated to figure out the best way to push out an old dent, to get the ship in top shape for the Queen’s Jubilee. It was incredible to watch the crew worked away on different parts of the ship, repainting walls, cooking food, checking the engine, chalkboard adding new tasks, negotiating solutions, and enjoying the process – reminded me of my old art room. Jim explained to me that each person contributed their own ingenuity to an area in the ship, and working together they have it up and running. It seemed a nice metaphor for society. Good to see creative thought at work. They even let me join in on their fun!

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The tea and good company warmed me up, but yikes, my body could have definitely used some practice…

Check them out: http://www.vic96.co.uk/

– Daniella