Another Visit.

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Last night, Rotarian Jim and I went to visit the Rotary Club of Arundel. What a spirited club! So many interesting careers, questions and ideas- lots of positive, excited energy.

Here’s a shot of myself with President James Seller:


A window into my recent work.

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So, last term commenced with two papers, one “Conservation as Luxury or Life?” looking at the conflicting perspectives regarding the effectiveness of an Integrated Conservation and Development Project- Ranomafana National Park, and  “Opportunity for a Future” (attached here).

Opportunity for a Future

Madagascar was once described as an island committing ecological suicide (King Phillip II, 1984). But “suicide” presumes the Malagasy people have a choice, which is far from the reality. Drawing on Amartya Sen’s Theory of Capability, this paper explores what opportunities children need to have in order to be capable of “free and sustainable agency”. Madagascar’s extraordinary poverty and environmental destruction limit their options for future development. Education should prepare children for living in ways that are valuable for their livelihood, but with a political crisis, lack of funding, and decades of neglect, Madagascar’s schools have a long way to go to meet children’s basic academic needs, let alone what they have reason to value. Children’s learning also happens outside of the classroom, and I look at how exclusion from remaining biodiversity limits their freedom to determine a more sustainable and healthy future. 

Open here: Opportunity for a Future

Crawley Rotary Club

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Another delightful visit, this time to the club in Crawley. An intimate group of nine men & women who welcomed us with encouragement, good conversation, and V-Day chocolate!

xx Daniella

Rotary Club of Godalming

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I had such a lovely time today to the Rotary Club of Godalming. They really amazed me with their curiosity, genuine charisma, and cozy atmosphere. We chatted about everything from service to all wondrous places. They impressively, did their homework, checking in on my LinkedIn and google results. Jim and I also had a remarkable journey traveling in through the country side, thinking through life paths, Rotary, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s words of wisdom. It is so inspiring to meet such wonderful, caring people.

Here are some highlights from our visit to Godalming, thanks to Rotarian Colin Swait:

What a nice reminder of the amazing ways Rotary is enriching my life!


The Slow Loris

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Check out the incredible BBC documentary, Jungle Gremlins of Java, following Dr. Anna Nekaris, a new friend and leading primatologist, walking you through the plight of the slow loris. Really fascinating, powerful, and important. I highly recommend it. It also just won three awards at the International Wildlife Film Festival, and I think, should be airing on Discovery very soon. Look for the next airing at: Jungle Gremlins of Java

Here is a short clip:

Check out her site Nocturama & newsletter Slow Loris Newsletter to get involved!