Dear Readers,

A message from Eileen Larney, of Ranomafana National Park’s research centre, struck me as worth sharing. Reading accounts of the health situation of villagers surrounding Ranomafana National Park has literally brought me to tears. Local access to health care has been a constant struggle. Extraordinarily high levels of worms, malaria, parasites, and other tropical diseases far outweigh these crises in other places of extreme poverty. After shifts in funding paradigms, health care was lost. New programs are up and running again, and with some help, traditional healers can have a clinic too. Eileen is now trying to raise funds to help these traditional healers build a basic clinic for the local community. These healers’ traditional wisdom has helped our global medicine advance worldwide through pharmaceutical visits, yet, they have no means to help their own people.

If you’d like to make a tax-deductable donation, information is available on this site: and to donate: (If you do donate directly, indicate funds are for the “FIMARA Clinic”). But if you’d like to get in touch with Eileen, please contact me.

Happy New Year!