Thank you Marilyn! I was very happy to receive very stylish Larchmont flags in the mail. And a big congratulations to current President of the Rotary Club of Larchmont, Christopher and his family on the birth of Sebastian Anthony.

Also, the 5th of December I had the fortune to attend the Rotary Club of Tooting’s Christmas party in London which was quite a good time. Aside from reuniting with the club, I met their district governor, their mayor, an alum of my masters program, and caught up with Rotary scholar Molly Dancer from Minnesota. Then, that Wednesday, I went to a lovely lunch at the Rotary Club of Brighton, where they debated wind power in England- a very open and friendly group.

As my friends Sara & Celine (City Year NY alum) remind me, the challenges to education & development aren’t only abroad. Here’s an article that highlights these links at home: Poverty and Education

But, I think possibilities for world bettering are really out there. Here’s an inspiring clip:

Anyway, back to my papers! Trying to finish so I can take a holiday.

Warm holiday wishes,