In light of my first paper, I’ve been thinking a lot about climate change and children… It’s a connection that in the international education and development field, we just don’t make enough. Why does education matter at all if not to employ a sense of agency over the issues that effect our individual and collective futures?

While climate change poses major threats to all human life, its effects are felt most severely by the world’s poorest people, especially children. They are also often the stewards of the climate’s stabilizing resources (biodiversity), like in Madagascar. The health and sustainability of environments and children today will greatly determine their wellbeing in the future. Madagascar is considered at the 3rd greatest risk, lending even more reason to educate children to actively bring about environmental care.

Please read:

Latest UNICEF Declaration on Climate Change

If you’d like to learn more about the relationship between climate change and children, please check out this wonderful and comprehensive report:

UNICEF- Innocenti Report on Children and Climate Change

Addressing world issues really involves collaboration across fields. The more deeply I go into my own studies, the stronger I feel that this must be intentional.

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