So, little did I know what I signed up for with the Cuckfield Procession!

Rotarian Jim, his wife Jean, and I got the steam lorrey ready for the procession, waxing and shining the beautiful “lorrey” dating back to the early 20s. Steam lorreys run on coal: an introduction from industrial times. This is one of only 30 steam lorreys remaining in the world!

Predeparture photos

Jim’s wife, Jean, and I, looking over photos.

And off we go!

My role was the fire “stoker”. I was mainly responsible for shoveling coal into the pit as Jim drove and directed the lorrey.

When we arrived in Cuckfield, we had a bit of down time waiting for the floats and town people.

In Cuckfield, elections for the mayor are an honorary position, that they receive by raising the most money for charity. Whoever wins is welcomed in as mayor through this procession!

Spiriting the 350 anniversary shirt from the Town of Mamaroneck

Greeting the crowds!

The beginning of the town festivities…

Crowning the new mayor

And preparing to return the lorrey to the shed.

Jim and I discovered that our passions, although they may seem very different, share common threads. My love for Madagascar’s culture and biodiversity is similarly rooted in bridging beauty from the past with the future.

Quite an adventure!