After diving into my first English talk (at host club, the Rotary Club of Lewes), I headed north to meet about seventy other scholars studying in the UK.

England’s history is deeply rooted.

Between Rotarians, I’m already getting a well-rounded English education…

In one week, I saw three castles, walked around two medieval villages, and wandered through shops dating back to the 1100s. Local Rotarians impressed us with historical knowledge, on everything from: major rebels, kings, queens, conflicts, imperialism, Darwin, regions and people, steam engines, the EU, and building materials. America, you are so young. It’s sinking in.

View from a castle in medieval Shrewsbury

Darwin’s “Quantum Leap”, Shrewsbury

“Iron Bridge”, World Heritage Site, 1776, first cast iron bridge built during the the Industrial Revolution spans the River Severn

Rotary scholars are incredible people. 

This weekend made me proud to be a scholar. It was my first time meeting other scholars from the US, and anyone studying in the UK. We all seemed to share a high goal for addressing critical needs, mostly in developing countries, with boundless passion.

Barn Dancing with the Rotary Scholars in Stafford

Great weekend- the dedicated work of Rotarians, especially Hilary Ball, made it that way.